Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Few Tricks to Stay Off Cigarettes

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1. If you have decided to quit using my technique listed lower down in this Blog bellow (click here for direct Link), every time you get a craving again just think back and remind yourself about how those disgusting last cigarettes tasted, by trying to get a clear vivid memory of it.

2. Every time you get a Craving Play some Video Games, like Tetris or other games where each turn doesn't last too long, or an old Adventure, Platform, or Shoot Em' Up game you have already "finished". Or try and find something else that keep your mind off cigarettes for at least a little while, but just make sure it is not annoying (or as little as possible) because otherwise you might give in to the Craving. For some a few Sit Ups (or "Pull Ins"* as I call them) could do the trick.

*: A voice just reminded me of that trick I used to do, to both look slimmer and work out at the same time when I used to have a few annoying extra centimeters around my waist, or after a oddly (Voodoo?) filling meal. Except a then I would just hold my stomach in as long as I could, and often forget a little while afterwards, but otherwise, you could also do this as a repetitive movement.


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